Public Safety

Council’s #1 obligation to the community. We are blessed with fabulous departments and personnel currently, but constant vigilance and attention are needed to preserve those elements. Read more

Community Development

A time for reform. Streamlining and expediting the process so that the maximum certainty for applicants can be achieved. Read more

Environmental Protection

Protecting our environment is the cornerstone of our human existence. It takes more than slogans and symbolic legislation. It takes leadership to engage everyone to participate and preserve our natural heritage. Read more

Homeless Strategy

The maintenance of status quo serves no one and won’t meet the needs of the community or our standards of compassion. Change will take energy, courage, and leadership if we are to alter the trajectory of this constant issue. Read more

State Street

Leading an effort for immediate recovery and vibrancy and a plan for a viable future. Read more

City Budget

Discipline and experience are required to rebuild our city’s budget while maintaining the essential services that taxpayers rightfully expect. Read more