Santa Barbara, the birthplace of the Environmental Movement.  The area's natural beauty and our proximity to incredible outdoor recreation is unmatched. Santa Barbara voters added 2% to our hotel bed tax to be dedicated to the maintenance of our creeks, minimizing pollutants in our marine environment.  Organizations like the Community Environmental Council, Heal the Ocean and a host of others work constantly to ensure our environmental legacy.  Reductions in the amount of waste going to the landfill and programs to provide clean energy are improving yearly. 

When I chaired the Sustainability Committee during my council tenure, I was constantly impressed by the aptitude and efforts of our dedicated staff, who keep us ahead of State and Federal environmental standards.  Our dedication to cleanliness in our commercial and residential areas as well as in our wildland interface and oceans is constantly tested.  Leading the continuation of these efforts and supporting our environmental organizations is essential to our children’s and city’s futures.